May 25, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

“Meatloaf?” asked PopWatcher Patricia McManus. Well, no, but you’re on the right track, believe it or not. Because it was the Loaf who played the role of Eddie, the abusive biker/murder victim, in the film adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Said clever PopWatcher Daphne Perkins: “Edward Scissorhands + Herman Munster x Sheena Easton (the “MorningTrain” hair) = Russell Crowe,” who, early on in his career, also played Eddie in a Down Under stage production of the audience-participation-encouraging favorite.

You made me proud, blogchildren! I received a record 600+ responses on this one, chock full of tired anger management and Proof of Life jokes that crashed into my frontal lobe like so many hotel phones. (And yes, I read every single one, and my doctor says I can stop using the drops in about 7-10 days.)

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addCredit(“Guess Who Recent: Steve Granitz/”)

Approximately, er, 600 percent of you got it right. PopWatcher Eve Picard winsthis week’s Speedo Bandito Award for coming up with the correct answer first. Otherwise, thereare just too many big-brains out there to name. (Sorry, I understandthe narcissistic thrill of seeing your name in print — see below.)

A few free spirits did guess incorrectly: Ricky Gervais; Mel Gibson;Charlie Sheen; Kiefer Sutherland, Patrick Swayze, and, um, Steve Martinwere among the most popular wrong answers. A small but demented group ofyou claimed the mystery celebrity’s “crazy eyes” gave it away, and thatit had to be… Tim Robbins? Others went for a disturbingly offbeat choice: American Idol judge SimonCowell, “because he frightens and intrigues me,” said one. (Be rightback — have to go boil my keyboard…)

Stay tuned tomorrow for the answer to today’s Guess Who — so far not too many correct answers, so answer now, and wipe that smug smile of superiority off this blogfather’s face!

P.S. The Bullies are back! Stay tuned…

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