May 23, 2006 at 08:56 PM EDT

And I am telling you I’m so going… to see Dreamgirls when it hits theaters in December, that is. Yeah, I know I’m being unforgivably earnest in my enthusiasm, but how to curb it, what with the way Dreamworks keeps doling out outtakes and backstage scenes from the Bill Condon-helmed version of the Tony-winning musical? The latest ”making-of” footage looks and sounds (mostly) promising, in particular, the gazillion gorgeous costumes and several catchy song snippets. Even better, it looks like the all-star cast is delivering dramatically, too: Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson (center) more than holds her own staring down Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (at left), while Eddie Murphy looks like he’s finally found a role that stretches him beyond his recent run of toddler-skewing comedies. That said, one scene made me a little skittish — that stilted ”are you okay?” exchange between Beyoncé (at right) and J.Hud. Hey, Mr. Condon, if you’re listening, there’s still time for a reshoot. What did you think of the Dreamgirls making-of trailer? And is it on your must-see holiday movie list?

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