May 23, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

So Trio, the beloved pop-culture dustbin, is no more — at least it’s no longer a cable-TV network. But it lives on the ‘Net. As does its premiere series, Brilliant But Cancelled, the show that had the guts to air a Cop Rock marathon, which is how I came to learn (and hum) the song “Baby Merchant.” And it’s where you can see such underappreciated and, in some cases, never-aired gems — like The Jake Effect, a Jason Bateman showcase that has more than a little in common with the look and feel of Arrested Development.

And if you tire of watching flesh-and-blood cancelled humans, you can always fall back on “pasta-mation.” This one’s a few years old, but wow, it’s spooky-good. Who knew pasta were so martial?

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