Is the reissued special edition of ''Napoleon Dynamite'' worth buying? -- We tell you whether the extras make it worth an upgrade

Is the reissued special edition of ”Napoleon Dynamite” worth buying?

Bust out the tetherball and Tupperware sets. That irascible ”liger”-lovin’ lug is back for another round on the DVD playground with Like, the Best Special Edition Ever! (PG, 94 mins., 2004).

Besides forgettable deleted scenes and a sluggish on-set doc with the cast fawning over the film, the first edition featured cursory commentary by director Jared Hess, star Jon Heder, and editor-producer Jeremy Coon — unless you count championing the Capri Suns at craft services as insight. We don’t.

The supporting cast, led by peachy Tina Majorino, dishes about how Vincent Gallo was nearly cast as Uncle Rico and pokes fun at Heder’s spontaneous nose-wiggling in their lively commentary. Meanwhile, an amusing collection of Heder’s MTV and Nickelodeon spots charts Napoleon‘s rise to cult legend. Most endearing is the fish-out-of-water video footage following Hess’ own ascent up the Hollywood ladder. ”I’m smiling. Everyone else is doing Blue Steel,” he exclaims with aw-shucks glee.

We’re not freaking idiots. True, this new edition ostensibly coincides with the release of Hess’ follow-up, Nacho Libre. But the DVD transcends the usual bait-and-switch ploys to make some extra sweet cash and, indeed, earns our vote.

Napoleon Dynamite
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