Is dressing up like Kurt Cobain okay? -- A look at the controversial new video from Red Hot Chili Peppers

By Tim Stack
Updated May 19, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

In the new Chili Peppers video, ”Dani California,” the group gleefully references bands like the Beatles, Parliament, and the Sex Pistols. Which is entertaining and all…until their nod to a sullen Kurt Cobain — with a candle extinguishing before him — suddenly puts a damper on the festivities. And we weren’t the only ones who noticed. ”It was a big concern of [Chili Peppers bassist] Flea’s,” says the clip’s director Tony Kaye (American History X) . ”Flea asked [ex-Nirvana drummer] Dave Grohl if it was okay. Dave said yeah?Nirvana was about having fun.” We wouldn’t call this homage ”fun,” but it certainly did strike a chord.