Donald Faison on his ''Scrubs'' co-star Zach Braff -- The actor jokes about the new fame of his onscreen best friend

By EW Staff
Updated May 19, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Out of everybody in the cast, Zach’s changed the most. When I first met him at the read-through for the Scrubs pilot five years ago, he was this eager, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed guy. Zach came up and introduced himself and was so friendly — and I had no idea at all who he was. Now he’s a freakin’ Hollywood stud! After the first year of Scrubs, we were roommates for a summer in New York, a real-life J.D. and Turk. I was shooting a movie and he was doing a play, and he was excited about this thing he’d written, Garden State. Who knew it would be so big? But we don’t let success go to his head. There’s a No A–hole Policy at Scrubs, and we’re ready to take him down a peg if needed. If we want the extras to be quiet during filming, someone will point to Zach and yell out, ”Please keep it down. This man is a star. He’s the voice of Chicken Little and needs to focus on his lines!” Next year on the show, I’m going to have a baby, and I’m hoping that we’ll see Zach and me get into trouble with the kid. I bet Zach can make that happen…. He’s got some clout now.


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