May 19, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Nicole Kidman, 38, finally announced on May 13 that she will marry Aussie country star Keith Urban, 38.

A 1962 Andy Warhol painting of a Campbell’s soup can sold for $11.7 million at Christie’s on May 9. Or the buyer could’ve just peeled the label off a can of pepper pot for, like, $2.05.

Christopher Langham, 57, the British actor who won a BAFTA award (the U.K. equivalent of an Emmy) for his role in the BBC series The Thick of It, was charged on May 10 with 15 counts of possessing child pornography. ”I am anxious to clear my name,” the father of five said in a statement.

On May 14, Richard Pryor‘s daughter Elizabeth initiated proceedings in L.A. to remove stepmom Jennifer Lee, 53, from her dad’s will. Her petition claims Lee mentally abused the comedian in his last years of life. Says Lee: ”We’ll deal with this in court.”… Richard Hatch, 45, who won $1 million in the debut season of Survivor, was sentenced on May 16 in Rhode Island to four years and three months in prison for failing to pay income taxes on his prize money and other earnings…. Daniel M. Biechele, 29, the tour manager for heavy metal band Great White, was sentenced on May 10 to four years in prison and three years’ probation. Biechele set off the pyrotechnics that started a Rhode Island nightclub fire that killed 100 people three years ago…. Nick Nolte, 65, unsuccessfully tried to quash a suit on May 11 by a now 18-year-old who alleges she was dosed with the date-rape drug GHB and molested three years ago while attending a party at his Malibu house. (The actor wasn’t home.) The suit will go to trial in June. Nolte’s lawyer could not be reached for comment…. Ex-teen idol Leif Garrett, 44, was sentenced to 90 days in jail and three years’ probation on May 11 in L.A. stemming from a heroin bust in January 2006 and a cocaine-related charge in 2005…. Aston ”Family Man” Barrett (his nickname a nod to the fact that he fathered 52 children), 60, the Bob Marley and the Wailers bassist, lost a £60 million ($113.6 million) lawsuit on May 15 in London. He claimed Island Records and the Marley family owed him royalties and songwriting credits…. On May 9, Roy Sciacca, a rock memorabilia collector from Florida, filed suit against the Beach Boys for preventing him from selling sheet music he contends he bought more than 20 years ago at auctions in California. A lawyer for the Beach Boys says the band has evidence proving the items were stolen.

Latin-music singer-songwriter Soraya, 37, of breast cancer, May 10, in Miami…. Land surveyor George Lee Lutz, 59, who lived in the Amityville, N.Y., house that inspired the 1977 Amityville Horror novel and 1979 and 2005 films, of heart disease, May 8, in Las Vegas…. Jazz pianist John Hicks, 64, of internal bleeding, May 10, in NYC.

Former American poet laureate Kunitz died May 14 of pneumonia. In his 100 years, he won a Pulitzer Prize, a Bollingen prize, a National Medal of Arts, and a National Book Award. In one of his most famous works, ”The Portrait,” he reflected upon the suicide of his father, a subject emotionally paralyzing for both Kunitz and his mother: She locked his name/in her deepest cabinet/and would not let him out/though I could hear him thumping.

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