By Michael Slezak
May 18, 2006 at 11:20 PM EDT

[Overheard at PopWatch HQ today — if you’re planning to see Poseidon this weekend, you might want to skip this item.]

Editor1 (1:41:11 PM):    hey, you saw Poseidon, right?
Editor2 (1:41:21 PM):    yep
Editor1 (1:41:34 PM):    did we discuss how only the white people live?
Editor2 (1:41:42 PM):    OMG…i KNOW
Editor2 (1:41:57 PM):    that Freddy Rodriguez scene was HORRIBLE
Editor2 (1:42:07 PM):    “Shake him off! Shake him off!”
Editor1 (1:42:09 PM):    don’t even get me started. I was aghast
Editor2 (1:42:15 PM):    after he HELPED THEM FIND A WAY OUT
Editor1 (1:42:35 PM):    it’s like, “Let him go! He’s only a Latino worker!”
Editor2 (1:42:40 PM):    tot
Editor2 (1:42:52 PM):    that movie was SO BAD

(more commentary after the jump…)

Editor1 (1:43:00 PM):    and then when they killed the only other Latina in the cast, I was like, “REALLY?”
Editor2 (1:43:09 PM):    seriously
Editor1(1:43:15 PM):    plus, the only black person on board leads the rest ofthe ship to their DEATHS. and the women are all total baggage…not oneof them helped with ANYTHING.
Editor1 (1:43:43 PM):    it was so appallingly retro, it might as well have said directed by The Man
Editor2 (1:44:01 PM):    and that damn stupid kid
Editor1 (1:44:12 PM):    UGH! I wanted that kid to DIE
Editor1 (1:44:20 PM):    that would’ve redeemed the whole movie if he died
Editor2 (1:44:26 PM):    tot
Editor2 (1:44:35 PM):    what a little jerk he was
Editor1 (1:44:59 PM):    and as if a 9-year-old wouldn’t be clinging to his mommy in TERROR. nope, he’s off “exploring”
Editor2 (1:45:31 PM):    my favorite lines: “How did you get in there?” “I don’t know! But the water’s rising!”
Editor2 (1:45:58 PM):    I was thinking, “But wait: How DID he get in there?
Editor2 (1:46:05 PM):    he was like inside a cage!
Editor1 (1:46:16 PM):    where he belonged, but still…so stoopid.
Editor2 (1:47:05 PM):    amen to that.