I’m not what you’d call a numbers guy: I don’t watch that statistic-tastic show on CBS Fridays, Sudoku makes my eyes glaze over, and I’ve even given up on balancing my checkbook. So you’ll have to take with a grain of higher math my skepticism over Ryan Seacrest‘s announcement on last night’s American Idol results show that this week’s 50 million votes were split almost totally evenly: 33.06 percent to ousted Elliott Yamin, and 33.26 percent and 33.68 percent for his two rivals, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks. (Ryan didn’t say which one of those two had the highest total.) Of course, I’ve got no evidence to support my cranky disbelief, but it all seemed a little too conveniently dramatic. Are you with me, PopWatchers, or do you think perhaps this year’s Idol results could come down to less than a percentage point?