What do Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, and Tom Wilkinson have in common? Besides a willingness to go full-frontal in films, I mean? (Yes, quibblers, I know Wilkinson didn’t really go full monty in The Full Monty, but he did in The Governess.) Turns out they’re all starring in the movie Woody Allen is shooting this summer, according to Production Weekly. (Click on the link marked ”may seventeen.”) Like Allen’s recent success Match Point, it’s a London-set crime drama. Allen usually keeps his plots a secret, but PW says the untitled film is about two brothers (presumably Farrell and McGregor) in dire financial straits who find themselves at odds when it’s suggested they turn to crime. No word on a female lead yet, but how about Emily Mortimer? She worked with Allen in Match Point and McGregor in Young Adam, and now that Used Guys (the comedy she was to star in with Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey) has been scrapped, she’s got some free time.

addCredit(“Colin Farrell: Yuji Ohsugi/; Ewan McGregor: Kurt Vinion/”)