EW's TV critic, Gillian Flynn, saw snippets of several new series from the network -- here are her first impressions
Credit: Smith: Cliff Lipson

CBS’ lineup: Gillian Flynn picks winners and losers

This week, New York City hosts the upfronts, in which the networks unveil glimpses of their new fall shows — think of them as trailers for a TV series. Each day, TV critic Gillian Flynn will weigh in on the winners and losers among these first quick looks.

While touting the hire of Katie Couric and the return of ratings hits like CSI, CBS introduced only four new series to its fall lineup, including:

Most Promising

No, we don?t necessarily need another heist-based, high-end thief drama (for that we have the inventively titled Heist and Thief). But this series boasts Ray Liotta as the gang’s leader and Virginia Madsen as his unsuspecting wife. And a smoldering, tightly strung Liotta is…basically par for the course, but it’s rarely bad.

Least Promising

The Class
An entire third-grade class is reunited years later when one of its members (Joan of Arcadia‘s Jason Ritter) decides to propose to his girlfriend, whom he first met in said grade (she was a classmate… this premise is as unlikely as it is hard to explain). Prepare yourself for lots of twentysomethings-at-crossroads navel-gazing. Wow, cutesy and self-important — now that’s funny!