It’s Enya’s birthday today! Published reports say she’s 45, but it’s my belief the Irish chanteuse is as old as the hills — so to celebrate, I took a jaunt over to YouTube to check out her video for ”Trees.” Well, you’ll never believe what happened next: A gentle zephyr blew my door shut, and my office was bathed in a shimmering, white light. I thought there was something in my eye, so I rubbed it, and to my amazement, discovered my hands were covered in pixie dust. As the giggles of cherubs and Hobbits emanated from somewhere behind my filing cabinet, my heart filled to the bursting point. I lost consciousness just as a majestic unicorn took a right at the copy machine and trotted into my office. When I came to, I found myself typing these words: ”Enya is not just a singer, Enya is a state of mind.” Sail away, sail away, sail away…