EW's TV critic, Gillian Flynn, saw snippets of several new series from the network -- here are her first impressions
Credit: Let's Rob...: Bob D'Amico/ABC

ABC’s lineup: Gillian Flynn picks winners and losers

This week, New York City hosts the upfronts, in which the networks unveil glimpses of their new fall shows — think of them as trailers for a TV series. Each day, TV critic Gillian Flynn will weigh in on the winners and losers among these first quick looks.

On Tuesday, first-rated ABC revealed a large slate of dramas and comedies, including peeks at:

Most Promising

Let’s Rob…
Dreamer Donal Logue (Grounded for Life) assembles a very unlikely crew to burgle Mick Jagger’s ludicrously plush (think Rolling Stones-themed popcorn-buttering machine) Manhattan apartment. Good-natured and clever, the series has that Earl-with-a-mission underdog appeal.

Notes From the Underbelly
A thirtysomething couple decide to get pregnant, and face the good (and really bad) of future parenthood, in a series that should be excruciating but instead seemed surprisingly charming and frank (but not in that ”we will now shock you with our frankness” way of so many series about thirtysomethings). Extra cheers for the casting of Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein) as the mom-to-be and Rachael Harris (Fat Actress) as her dubious friend.

Least Promising

Big Day
You know how boring it is to hear people talk about their wedding plans? And you know how annoying most friends are when in the throes of said matrimonial event? Welcome to an entire season taking place as the Big Day unravels. Weren’t the best jokes wrung out of this premise way back in Father of the Bride? Or, heck, Betsy’s Wedding? Wendie Malick as mom-of-bride can only do so much.

In Case of Emergency
Another comedy about thirtysomethings acting neurotic and stupid.

(For the full ABC schedule, click here.)