Credit: Brother & Sisters: Kevin Foley/ABC

Oh, ABC, ya done good! Not only have you kept Supernanny alive for another season — cancellation is not an option, at least not till I’ve personally installed a ”naughty mat” in my home — but you’ve actually green-lit a couple of series that (on paper, at least) I’m pretty excited about.

Brothers & Sisters (pump up the volume! sorry, couldn’t resist.) which is taking over the plum post-Housewives timeslot (10 p.m., Sunday) being vacated by Grey’s Anatomy, may have a dreary title, but should be a feast for fans of the soon-to-depart Alias; it’s got three of the spy dramas regular or recurring players in its cast — Ron Rifkin, Balthazar Getty, and Patricia Wettig. With Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths in the mix as well, I’m certain to road-test at least a handful of episodes.

And Betty the Ugly (much better title — thanks for not changing it to something beige like, oh, Madison Ave.) reimagines the Spanish-language telenovela with America Ferrera in the title role, and Vanessa L. Williams and The L Word‘s Eric Mabius, lending support. Hopefully it’ll be a little like Central Park West, only intentionally funny.