It’s good to see Katherine Heigl smile again. Anyone who’s been watching Grey’s Anatomy knows she’s barely gotten a chance to show her pearly whites — what with all that agonizing over hunky heart-patient Denny. If only this made-for-pennies pic — which casts a pre-GA Heigl as a drug-sales rep recruited more for her bosom than for her background — gave the actress more to sink those teeth into. Sure, she gets to dance in her underwear, engage in exotic outdoor sex, and stick it to corporate America — but this clichéd comedy is a prescription for boredom. EXTRAS A collection of kitschy commercials for Vivexx, the fictional antidepressant touted in the film, is depressingly dull, as is the drug-industry minidoc. A making-of?anchored by first-time filmmaker Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau (who also provides a generic commentary) — is more illuminating: The former pharmaceutical rep reveals that Side Effects was shot in 16 ”sleepless, crazy, insane days,” that she made the mistake of using too many locations, and that ”as a woman, I find it very liberating to strip off my clothes.” So that explains Heigl’s booty-shaking bra-and-panty scene.

Side Effects
  • Movie
  • 90 minutes