[Warning: If you TiVo’d last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, and plan to watch it back-to-back with tonight’s two-hour season finale, stop reading now.]

So I was typically riveted by last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, but just a wee bit chagrined, too. I mean, while I (mostly) bought Izzie’s hysterical descent into borderline-criminal medical malpractice (we only hurt the ones we love, especially when we’re building our Emmy reel, no?), I was a little flabbergasted that Bailey, Burke, and George were all, to some degree, complicit in her ill-fated plan to cut the cord on Denny’s LVAD machine (the better to move him up the donor list). Seriously? Tough-nosed Bailey keeping Izzie on Denny’s case after catching the two in a not-so-professional embrace? Unthinkable. Burke failing to call someone, anyone, at the hospital after getting a whiff of Izzie’s daft plan? Seriously? Totally out of character. George standing mute watch as Izzie did the drastic deed? Well, actually, I can kinda see that.

The other thing that made me a little skittish was the whole last-act shootout outside the ER, which was all a little ER for my taste, especially on the heels of Code Black. And if they even think for one second about killing off my beloved Burke (Isaiah Washington, pictured)… okay, okay, I’ll settle down. As episode writer Mark Wilding points out in the Grey Matter blog, this is Shonda Rhimes’ novel, so maybe I need to put aside my doubteration, pray for a super-short presidential address, and keep the faith till the season wraps some time around 11:30 p.m.