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Out-of-towners, I have amazing news. If you can’t make it to Brett Ratner’s photography exhibit in New York tonight, you can still appreciate the X3 director’s photography via the the <a href=”
“>so-called in-ter-net.

Here you’ll find, among other things, a picture of Kirk Douglas and some dogs with salient genitals. I like it, but I wish someone had encouraged the dogs to at least try playing poker. On the plus side: Brett Ratner is also in the picture, which is amazing, because he took the picture. Maybe he used a timer. Maybe he’s actually The Flash. Either way, I’m impressed. B

This is one in a series I call Edward Norton Trying to Look Like a Trucker. Notice how there’s no actual truck in the picture. That’s because Ratner is a master of subtlety: The truck is in your mind. B+

My favorite has to be I Am Friends with Al Pacino, the apotheosis of Ratner’s ongoing I Am Friends with Someone Famous period. According to the caption, Pacino “laughed… when I asked him to do his best Michael Corleone.” Brett, concept idea for you: Why not snap De Niro after asking him to do his best “you talkin’ to me?” No, no — don’t thank me. A

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