Newsweek has a big article this week on the May 24 Lost season finale, and while you won’t learn any spoilers there that you didn’t already read in EW’s cover story this week, there is some fascination in learning what the actors think is behind the island mysteries.

(Okay, for those who do need to know the spoilers, here’s what we know about the finale: We’ll finally learn what caused the plane crash, we’ll see the kidnapped Walt again, and we’ll see hatch escapee Desmond again — and he won’t be in good shape. Oh, and someone will probably die.)

The actors seem to be as much in the dark as the fans, and their theories are just as wild and entertaining. Dominic Monaghan and Jorge Garcia both think the castaways are the wanton playthings of mad millionaires. But I especially like it that Terry O’Quinn, just like Locke, would prefer not to know, just to take it on faith and enjoy his good fortune.

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