Who's the best movie nanny? Read our dossiers on Nanny McPhee, Mary Poppins, Mrs. Doubtfire, and the Pacifier
Credit: Nanny McPhee: Liam Daniel; Mary Poppins: Everett Collection; Mrs. Doubtfire: Everett Collection

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s an homage to the greatest thing ever to enter a mom’s life — and I’m not talking about a dishwasher. It’s the nanny. Or the sitter. Whatever term you use, there’s no question that they are indispensable members of the household. On the big screen, we’ve seen all varieties of nanny, from proper British ladies to learn-as-you-go American mannies. The latest is Emma Thompson’s warts-and-all caretaker in Nanny McPhee (now on DVD). So we thought we’d see how she measures up to her counterparts. Who would win in a nanny smackdown? Or, more importantly, who is least likely to end up hitting the sauce while watching your toddlers? That’s for you to decide; we’ll just give the report…