What show has the most blatent product placement? -- We compare ''The Apprentice'', ''The Amazing Race'' and more

What show has the most blatent product placement?

Product placement has been a staple of reality TV ever since Survivor‘s Richard Hatch drove home in his new Pontiac Aztek after winning a million bucks back in 2000. But considering the networks have been doing it for so long, you’d think they’d be better at picking the proper brands to shill. As always, we here at EW are not above giving producers of our favorite reality shows a few suggestions.

The Amazing Race
Product flogged The Da Vinci Code We’re gonna have to ”yield” to Race for dragging players all the way to Rome just to solve a lame puzzle and give publicity to the only movie that doesn’t need it.

What they should’ve plugged New films about travel terrors, like August’s The Descent, which follows a group who encounters a ”pit stop” with killer creatures in the Appalachian wilderness.

Survivor: Panama?Exile Island
Product flogged Charmin toilet paper Didn’t exactly do constipated Bruce any good, now did it?

What they should’ve plugged Rock Hide a Key. Once you’ve found the hidden immunity idol, where do you put it? This fake-rock storage container isn’t just good for house keys, it also keeps your chance at one million bucks safely out of sight.

America’s Next Top Model
Product flogged Banana Boat sunblock While there’s nothing egregious about sunblock per se, we doubt real models would ever encounter actual sunlight.

What they should’ve plugged Crest. Whether it was Danielle’s gap, Joanie’s two days of dental surgery, or Nnenna’s klieg-light smile, this season was all about pearly whites and overbites.

The Apprentice
Product flogged 7-Eleven’s P’EatZZa Because convenience-store foodstuffs and Donald Trump are a natural match.

What they should’ve plugged Actually, that Charmin could have come in handy. Depending on gender, the winner will need either a stuffed shirt or a stuffed bra to catch The Donald’s eye. Plus, there are lots of rumps to kiss in the Trump organization.