The 10 hottest topics for the week of May 19, 2006

1 Vaughn and Aniston To those who claim it’s all a publicity stunt, Vaughn says defiantly, ”See my movie.”

2 Pete Doherty arrested The humor, Doherty told police, is in the repetition.

3 Rush Hour 3 greenlit Shares of racial stereotypes shot up six points on the Hang Seng.

4 Mr. T will get a Dr. Phil-type show And the Fool will finally get the serious professional help he so desperately needs.

5 David Blaine, falling short of breath-holding record, may have liver damage Why? Was that vodka in the tank? Related question: Does a twist of Blaine qualify as a gimlet?

6 Charlie Sheen releases a line of children’s clothing And, in the process, confirms a widely suspected alliance with Jay Leno’s monologue writers.

7 Anna Nicole Smith might be expecting Expecting? Expecting what? More cash? Gout? The other three horsemen?

8 Rep won’t confirm Keith Richards fell out of palm tree This has not stopped the palm tree in question from filing a paternity suit.

9 Nicole Kidman tells Ladies’ Home Journal she still loves Tom Cruise And then Ladies’ Home Journal goes and tells everyone. What a terrible friend.

10 Divorcing Hasselhoffs awarded joint custody Sadly, this means the re-partitioning of Germany.