Nobody needs another edition of ''Star Wars'' -- Dalton Ross tells George Lucas that enough is enough

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was but one version of the Star Wars Trilogy in my home video collection. Then came wide-screen releases, laserdisc copies, ”special edition” VHS tapes, and a further tweaked, even more special-edition DVD set. For Bossk’s sake, where does it all end? To underscore this ridiculousness: I have three different versions of Han Solo shooting Greedo as well as Luke’s plunge into the Cloud City abyss (during which a cowardly yelp was later inserted and then removed). Now comes word that on Sept. 12 George Lucas will rerelease the original versions on DVD (even though he promised us the 1995 VHS edition was the last time they would ever be made available). Of course, to get these digital upgrades you also need to rebuy the altered updates you no doubt already purchased a mere 20 months ago (for $69.98), because each of the three films is being made available only in two-disc sets that include both versions. The most depressing part? We will all be dropping yet even more coin just to see some freakin’ Ewoks sing ”Yub Yub.”