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Much to my delight, there on the cover was my new favorite obsession, American Idol. My delight soon faded as my son asked, ”Hey, where is Elliott?” Shame on you for not putting all of the remaining contestants on your cover! Please try not to play favorites.
Monica Shaffer
Peoria, Ill.

There is actually a segment of the country that doesn’t give a flip who wins (”The Biggest Idol Ever”). One thing that gets lost in the hoopla is the fact that all of the contestants are probably just going to be singing crappy pop songs for the rest of their lives (”Breakaway” was great, but give credit to the songwriters). How’s this for a show: Have the contestants be songwriters who try to get famous singers to do their work. Then maybe we’d see some real talent.
Aron Pollack

Hidden Treasure
Funny that you should lead off your feature ”Being Catherine Keener” with how she tends to go unrecognized. The first thing I thought when I saw her photo was, Amy Grant? Nah, don’t think I’ll read that one.
Scott Greene

‘Air’ Force
For once, I agree with Woody Allen: In the pantheon of comedic masterpieces, David Zucker and Co.’s Airplane! trumps them all (”The Takeoff Artist”). Not because it was the most brilliant screenplay, not because it had the best acting, but because, no matter when, and no matter whatever else I’m doing, if I see that movie on television or playing on someone’s VCR or DVD player, there’s no reason for me to continue to do anything else — I just get sucked into the absolute hilarity of the piece.
Leonid Felgin
Alpharetta, Ga.

Top Billing
Thanks for showcasing one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors (Spotlight). I’ve always wondered why Bill Paxton isn’t more talked-about. Whether playing a freaked-out space marine (Aliens) or a conflicted man who stumbles upon a fortune (A Simple Plan), Paxton hits his mark every time.
Chris Compagnone
Plainville, Mass.

Agent Provocateur
The Arvin Sloane character is one of the reasons for Alias‘ failure (News & Notes). I appreciate J.J. Abrams’ loyalty to Sloane, but to write him as a character who betrayed the team and then bring him back as the group’s head was too much.
John Kepler
San Luis Obispo, Calif.

We neglected to credit John Ueland for the cover illustration. The actress in a still from The Boston Strangler on page 76 is Karen Ericson, not Sally Kellerman (Books).

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Liz Lapof of Brooklyn bared her fangs over our brief mention of Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis’ death (#871): ”As a lifelong fan — and you know how obsessive we are [Ed. note: Yes, we do] — I was surprised to see four measly lines. I was expecting to see a one-page article or, better still, an entire issue devoted to Dark Shadows.” Point taken…but Liz, that’s why God made Passions!