We gave Will Gluck, co-creator of ''The Loop,'' exactly half a minute to plead a case for his on-the-bubble show -- here's what happened

The Loop

It happens almost every year. Fox airs a clever, offbeat comedy that draws weak ratings and winds up perched on the lip of cancellation. The latest exhibit: The Loop, a single-camera comedy about an overscheduled dude, Sam, who works at an airline and invents swears like ”crap jackers.” But instead of us begging the network to renew the show for next season, we decided to grant Loop co-creator Will Gluck exactly 30 seconds in a public forum to plead his own case.

WILL GLUCK: ”This is the funniest show about a 23-year-old guy who works as an executive at an airline since 7th Heaven — by the way, we’re going to rename the show 7th Heaven and do a special episode where Sam falls in a well and Jesus saves him with a magic rope. We also promise to buy every Fox executive a pony in the color of their choice. I will give every female executive a lap dance, my co-creator, Pam Brady, will give every male executive a lap dance — some of them the other way around — and more importantly, if the show gets picked up for a second year, we promise to bring the troops home. God bless. Lap dance!”

[Ed. note: Gluck finished in only 26 seconds, so we allowed him to continue for four more seconds.]

GLUCK: ”Ummm… I’m kidding about the lap dance.”

The Loop
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