David Caruso

TV is a medium of close-ups, where it’s important to be able to reveal emotions on your face. By that standard, says Detroit News TV critic Mekeisha Madden Toby, today’s top TV actors are sleeping on the job. In this article (found via TV Tattle), Toby blasts several stars as ”facially challenged,” suggesting that such actors as Jennifer Garner, Kiefer Sutherland, and Nicollette Sheridan have only three or fewer facial expressions.

In Kiefer’s defense, 24‘s Jack Bauer has only two emotional states: grim intensity, and getting medieval on some terrorist’s ass. And CSI: Miami‘s David Caruso (pictured) has more than one expression, as PopWatch’s Mike Slezak has pointed out. He has two: Shades on, shades off.

Is there really an epidemic of frozen-face syndrome on TV? Can we blame it on Botox? Is there anyone Toby left off the list? Or are these actors subtler than they’re being given credit for?