Elvis Presley
Credit: Elvis Presley: Doc Pele / Stills / RetnaUK

So I’ve kind of accepted the fact that this season of American Idol isn’t going to include my personal favorite theme, Disco Week — or sorry, ’70s Dance Week, as Fox likes to call it — but I’m not mad at anybody. After all, tonight the four remaining finalists will be tackling the music of Elvis Presley (pictured) — yay! And while I’ve proven completely worthless at predicting what the contestants will sing all season, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop posting my weekly request list. Nor should you, PopWatchers. After all, who knows better than us?

Elliott Yamin: ”It’s Now or Never” would make perfect use of E-Double’s incomparable vibrato, while possibly encouraging the guy make better use of the stage; c’mon Elliott, white boys can (and should) dance (a little anyway). For his encore, I’m hoping an a cappella rendition of ”Can’t Help Falling in Love” would prove once and for all that the lovable underdog is worthy of inclusion in the final two.

Taylor Hicks: ”In the Ghetto” would put the gray-haired dude back on the awesomely soulful footing he’s been avoiding for weeks now; ”All Shook Up,” meanwhile, would allow him to get funky without veering into ghastly wedding-singer antics. (Indeed, I totally agreed with Simon on that ”Play That Funky Music” performance.)

Katharine McPhee: You know what, I prefer this season’s last remaining female contestant when she’s doing something other than a bombastic ballad. How about the jaunty ”(Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I,” followed by the slow-yet-tender ”Don’t”?

Chris Daughtry:
Can you imagine the bald-headed frontrunner tearing into ”Heartbreak Hotel”? Well, I sure can. And for a followup, perhaps he can make his more devoted fans swoon by posing the age-old question, ”Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Better be sitting down for that one, okay?

[UPDATE: Our corporate brethren at AOL Entertainment News have it on semi-good authority that these are tonight’s song selections. If they’re right, Slezak is, um, 1 for 8 this week.]

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