Credit: The Facts of Life: Everett Collection

[WARNING: The following blog entry contains links that may not be suitable for obsessive-compulsive types who are susceptible to getting catchy theme songs stuck in their heads for hours on end.]

Today marks the DVD release of the first two seasons of The Facts of Life (EW’s Jennifer Armstrong gives it a B+), and since most of you rabid fans will have to wait till the end of the work day to start your Mrs. Garrett marathons, here are a few time-wasting YouTube treats to tide you over: the unforgettable opening credits (today’s equivalents simply aren’t what they used to be, eh?); a three-minute scene that features a dress even gnarlier than the ones my mom used to sew for my sisters back in the day; and an animated Facts of Life that has nothing to do with the ’80s sitcom, but is fairly adorable nonetheless — though not nearly as much as Tootie, naturally.

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