Despite my growing concerns about this show, I was pretty pumped when Michael and his crazy band of brothers finally crawled through that hole behind the toilet to begin the escape we’ve been waiting a bazillion years to see.

‘Course, I immediately had some pressing questions: Why aren’t the other inmates questioning why C-Note (pictured) is hanging upstairs with white boys like T-Bag and Abruzzi? Why isn’t anyone trying to sneak a peek behind the white sheet? And can a toilet bowl full of peroxide really bleach a set of coveralls?

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long for some pertinent answers. Though Tweener proved that, no, the peroxide doesn’t work so well, we got some more details about Nick’s ties to Abruzzi (turns out he’s an insurance policy to kill Veronica should Michael renege on his promise to reveal the name of informant who put Abruzzi in prison in the first place). We also learned a little more about the company behind the VP (Patricia Wettig, you are sooooo on your way to Deadsville!), and what’s the best way to stall lame-brain secretaries from barging in on tied-up wardens: park the phone on 1-800-YUCKS-4U.

Other highlights of last night’s penultimate episode: the sweet look on T-Bag’s face when he learned Westmoreland buried $5 million, not just a mere $1 million, under some silo; Nick taking a fatal bullet so Veronica can continue her quest tovindicate Loverboy, and, most importantly, seeing Lincoln and Michael finally scale that damn wall. (Not so favorite part: watching Sara take a long, yearning look at the morphine. Like we’re supposed to believe this former addict hasn’t noticed it in the infirmary before?)

Anyway… so long, Fox River; I always liked the idea of reviving The Fugitive anyway. So what did you think?

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