Let’s play a game called Six Degrees of Newsmaking Songbird Separation. Actually if it weren’t for two of these gals, we could just point out that everybody on the list has been a Will & Grace guest star and be done with it, but that wouldn’t be much fun. And, anyhow, PopWatch has been a wee bit anemic in its diva coverage of late — the fact that I just returned from a week’s vacation is purely coincidental — so c’mon, let’s get started.

Xtina plans to unveil some new music when she performs at the MTV Movie Awards, airing June 8. (Insert schoolgirlish squeal of delight here.) But will there she sport a fetching chaps-panties combo emblazoned with her delicate musical message? Drrrrrrty folks can only hope.

-Aguilera’s former Mouseketeer colleague, one Britney Jean Spears, is inching back into the spotlight with some pretty (or pretty predictable) new photos in the UK edition of Glamour. (Thanks to PinkIsTheNewBlog for pointing ’em out.)

-Brit’s erstwhile duet partner, Madonna, shows how it’s really done with a glamorous 58-page(!) cover story/photo spread (ooh! ponies!) in W. (Apologies, by the by, for conjuring up repressed memories of ”Me Against the Music”).

-Cher (whose ”The Beat Goes On” got Britney-ized on the pop tart’s 1999 debut) is having a special space built for her when she takes over Celine Dion’s gig at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, but will she be encased in a near-constant bubble of humidity when she’s onstage?

-Janet Jackson, who like Chastity’s mama, once made a stop on the Will & Grace promotional tour, is slated for a Today concert on Sept. 29. (See what you’re missing, Katie?)

-And, finally, Nelly Furtado’s hawt new single, ”Promiscuous,” a preview to her new R&B-heavy disc Loose (due June 20), is a duet with Timbaland, who once remixed Miss Jackson’s ”Go Deep.”

And now it’s time for me to go get back in touch with my masculine side, which leapt out my 29th-floor window while I wrote this item.