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Shockingly, the New York Times Book Review hasn’t deigned to express an opinion on Bad Twin, the much anticipated novel by Gary Troup. (An interview with the author–legendary for being reclusive, dead and made-up by Lost writers — is on Amazon.)

I’ve yet to read Bad Twin. I predict it will remain on my “yet to read” list forever. Rather, I think I’ll wait the six or seven hours it will take for the collective Lost Brain Trust to absorb the book and spit out any relevant clues. I’ve heard it contains several references to John Locke (the 17th-century “life, liberty and property” philosopher, not his boar hunting, Hatch-loving namesake) and a character named Shannon. But that’s all I know. Who’s read it? Who will read it to me as I fall asleep in my Aeron chair this afternoon?

Seriously, someone tell me how it is. Because I’m all caught up in I Was an Island Smoke Monster: A Memoir, which is totally engrossing. (Though I hear the Smoke Monster “sexed up” the part about his turbulent, drug-addled 20s.)

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