In the end, the judge ruled it was apples and oranges: Apple’s iTunes is, apparently, a “data transmission service,” not a music company. And the Beatles’ Apple Corps record company will have to pay court costs for dragging Steve Jobs into the dock in the first place.

Jobs said his company “has always loved the Beatles,” and looks forward to selling them. The Beatles are finally poised to offer their catalog online… somewhere. Maybe not iTunes, though: They’re appealing.

I’m not sure why I feel let down. Maybe it’s because I expected more of a ruckus. Maybe because I had a lock on the inevitable Name the New Logo contest Apple would have to hold. (“Kumquat!”) Maybe because I was SO looking forward to Yoko Ono taking the stand. But then again, this is the whimsical British legal system, so I fully expect something to be encoded, Da Vinci-like, into the ruling. Something along the lines of “Steve Jobs is dead.” Has anyone tried playing the decision backwards?