For Steve Carell, getting into character seems to be all about the hair — the slicked-back coif of his weaselly boss on The Office, the head-to-toe fur of the squirrel he voices in this month’s Over the Hedge, the professorial beard sported by his gay Proust scholar in this summer’s Little Miss Sunshine, and of course, the chest fur he disastrously tried to wax in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Now, in next summer’s Evan Almighty, he’s sprouting a white biblical beard to play a modern-day Noah. USA Today has a photo accompanying a report from the set in which Carell acknowledges, ”Olivier had his different noses. I have my hair.” Love the code names for the various beards he wears throughout the movie: ”Mountain Man, Marlboro Man, the Unabomber, Ten Commandments (which segues into the Metrosexual with ponytail and braided beard) and Longest Brown.” What — no ZZ Top?

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