Frankie Muniz on realizing he was famous -- ''The Malcolm in the Middle'' star disccusses getting noticed, underwear and child labor laws

Before the show started, they had billboards up and commercials on TV. I was on the subway in New York and I asked my mom, ”Why is everyone staring at me? Is there something on my face?” Finally, someone said, ”You’re going to be on that show, Malcolm in the Middle. ” It was the first time I got recognized and it was the coolest feeling in the world. Once the series began, I was 13 and so excited just to be on a set. Child labor laws allow you to work only five hours a day, and I was so mad when they’d make me be done for the day. I never really felt nervous, other than when they made me walk around in my tighty-whities the first season. After that, I didn’t allow it. I was like, boxers or nothing. Boxers, or I’m going in my trailer.

Malcolm in the Middle
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