The EW Pop Culture Personality Test: Julia Louis-Dreyfus -- The actress shares her favorite shows and her 'American Idol' audition song

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated May 05, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Take Elaine from Seinfeld (especially the neuroses), add a kid and an omnipresent ex with a much younger girlfriend, and poof! You have Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ persona in The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS, Mondays at 9:30 p.m.).”I’m cautiously optimistic,” Louis-Dreyfus says of the outlook for her new sitcom, which seems to be bucking that oft-cited curse (you know the one). ”That question seems to be petering out,” she adds. So let’s spare her the Seinfeld talk and subject her to our hex-free celebrity personality test.

1. In high school I was:
an idiot

2. My American Idol audition song would be:
A – ”I’m Every Woman”
B – ”Friends in Low Places”
C – ”On the Wings of Love”
D – ”Wanted Dead or Alive”
E – Other (please specify) ”Sixteen Going on Seventeen” from ‘The Sound of Music.’ I’d be trying to get a laugh because I don’t sing as well as I should to be auditioning for American Idol.

3. Choose one:

A – Simon
B – Garfunkel

A – Window
B – Aisle

A – Desperate Housewives
B – The Sopranos

A – New York Knicks
B – Los Angeles Lakers

4. If I had to gain 30 pounds for a role, I would eat:
What I ate for Easter breakfast, six times a day. I had bacon, fried eggs in bacon grease, and a bagel and cream cheese. Plus chocolate candy. It would possibly take me only 24 hours that way.

5. The person I’m mistaken for most often:
Elaine Benes. They say, ”How’s Kramer?” They like to say, ”Yada, yada, yada,” to me.

6. The most underrated performer in my field:
I used to say Steve Carell. He’s been around a long time, but he’s launched himself into crazy stardom as a man in his 40s.

7. After I’ve had a long day, I like to kick back with:
A – A dry martini
B – A glass of pinot noir
C – A cold beer
D – Chamomile tea
All of the above, except chamomile tea.

8. The first R-rated movie I saw:
Across 110th Street

9. The first person I call when I have good news:
My husband [writer-producer-actor Brad Hall]

10. What’s in my glove compartment:
Coffee Nips, and my carpool pickup card

11. The first famous person I befriended:
What does befriended mean, anyway? I want to say I don’t really have any famous friends, but then anybody who’s famous is going to have his or her feelings hurt.

12. My porn name is:
Pippi + Park = Pippi Park
(Childhood Pet + Street You Grew Up On)