Delving into ''Bad Twin'' -- We look into the manuscript Hurley found on ''Lost''

Remember the manuscript that Hurley (Jorge Garcia) found in a suitcase a few episodes ago on Lost? Now you can read it: Bad Twin is a mystery novel by ”Gary Troup,” who was supposedly aboard the ill-fated Oceanic Flight 815 (real author: unknown). The book, sanctioned by the hit ABC show’s producers, could be a treasure chest of possible Lost clues. Or not.

+ In Bad Twin, private eye Paul Artisan tries to find the prodigal son of tycoon Arthur Widmore, whose vast empire includes ventures with the Hanso Foundation, which finances Lost‘s bizarre Dharma Initiative. Burning question: Is Troup’s ”novel” actually a conspiracy-exposing roman á clef?

+ Twin is embedded with Lost links (stewardess Cindy! Dharma financier Alvar Hanso!) and literary references like Trent’s Last Case, a 1912 detective novel in which a sleuth’s deductions lead to the wrong conclusion.

+ The book delves deeply into Lost‘ s central theme — the tricky process of redemption — and coyly addresses the popular fan theory that the castaways are stuck in purgatory, a word that’s an anagram for…Gary Troup.

+ BOTTOM LINE A chewy snack for Lost philes, though its mythological value is TBD. For neophytes puzzled by the Hanso stuff: Welcome to the club.