In some Dead Sea Scroll or another, there’s this admonition: “Do not webcast your Pearl Jam before swine, or before 5 p.m.” I don’t know what that means, but I do know this: Pearl Jam will perform on Letterman tonight, i.e. they’ll be taping this afternoon. (Right next door! I can practically feel the Vedder emanating off the Ed Sullivan Theater!) After the taping, they’ll re-take the stage for a concert that will stream live on the Web at 5:55 p.m. today. Included in the set: cuts from their new album, titled (brace your brain!) Pearl Jam.

As someone who hasn’t listened to PJ since Vitalogy, I really have little to add. Except the story of how my friends and I used to sit in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen and substitute “Letterman” for “Betterman” when that song came around. Halcyon days, pre-iPod, pre-Web. I had this one brown suede jacket… ah, but I won’t bother you young’uns with that old story. You’ve got hoverboards to ride and cyberfries to eat…