I’d like to begin by boldly predicting that The Lost Experience will flop.

Kidding! Honestly! Please, put down the tar and feathers. Also, you, yeah, you — hobbitpimp613 in Ontario — don’t think I don’t see you flipping me off. (Ouch! Who threw that?)

Let’s accentuate the positive, shall we? Day 1 of The Lost Experience, the vast on- and offline alternate-reality game based on Lost‘s Dharma/Hanso mythology, has been eventful. Already, an authoritative fansite has sprung up, with swiftly updated solutions, and, most important at this stage, a list of the sites that aren’t in the game. (Apparently, a lot of clever webswingers bought Lost-themed domain names like and — one wonders if they hoped to shake down ABC for a few mangoes.)

Oh, and for anyone who couldn’t get through to the Hanso voicemail, here’s the entire voicemail tree in downloadable MP3s.

Go; discover for yourselves. I’ll say no more, except to note that I spoke with Joop earlier today, and he totally agrees with my Da Vinci Code theory. And he’s a 105-year-old genetically modified orangutan at the center of a vast global electromagnetism conspiracy. Who’s gonna step to that?

(OUCH! This time I saw you throw that, mcvinci317!)

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