Summon the kraken!

So you’ve finished your seventh or eighth freeze-frame viewing of this, and you’re looking for fresh trailer meat. Look no further than Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. (This doesn’t appear to be an official posting of the trailer, so the link is weak — but better than the glacially slow one that was making the rounds yesterday.)

If the Pirates teaser was all about pratfalls and daffy Depp-y monkeyshines, then the trailer is a contract for action, of the sea-battle-with-sea-monsters variety. (Is that a variety? It should be.) Something about the phrase “Summon the kraken!” stokes my inner-adolescent, especially when a kraken is successfully summoned. When Bill Nighy (resplendent in his tentacle-faced, vaguely Lovecraftian Davy Jones getup) summons a kraken, damn it, he gets a motherlovin’ kraken!

I won’t bore you by repeating any of Captain Jack’s exceedingly well-timed and well-delivered bon mots (just watch the thing). But I would like to submit “Summon the kraken!” as this summer’s catchphrase of choice. It will tide us over until Samuel L. Jackson makes Krakens on a Boat.

(Okay, I’m stopping now.)