It’ll be another couple of weeks before we know for sure which of the current UPN and WB shows will return next fall on merged mini-network The CW, but as PopWatch predicted in March, most of UPN’s shows with predominantly African-American casts (and audiences) are likely to fall by the wayside. So says San Francisco Chronicle TV columnist Tim Goodman, who lists the likely survivors in his blog and his column. Exceptions will probably include the critically acclaimed Everybody Loves Chris and Girlfriends, the shows with the most chance to attract racially diverse audiences. Diversity is the key word, he says, which is why shows with ethnically diverse casts (like the low-rated Veronica Mars) are most likely to make the cut. (By the same logic, a show like Reba may get axed as well; CW apparently does not stand for Country & Western.) In other words, Goodman says, niche appeal is out, appeal to the broadest possible audience is in. That sounds nice, but I bet it’ll please neither African-American audiences, who will see some of their favorite UPN shows vanish (Eve, One on One, Half and Half), nor the family audiences who watch Everwood (still in peril) and Reba on the WB.

But hey, you’ll still be able to watch WWE wrestling, Beauty and the Geek, and America’s Next Top Model, as well as culty faves like Gilmore Girls (but without the folks who created it) and Smallville. Hot gals and muscular guys, now there’s something for everyone.