May 02, 2006 at 02:00 PM EDT

[UPDATE: After a brief detour through France, the Casino Royale trailer has made its way to the English-speaking world. (Francophile PopWatcher Nephilim’s flawless translation filled us in on the dialogue yesterday.) Personally, I got chills when M (Judi Dench)said “Any thug can kill.” Very true, Dame J. So how does a thug becomea suave Double 0? That’s the question Craig must answer with hisscuffed, unrefined take on Bond. Will a darker takeon the world’s favorite outsized near-caricature of a superspy getbouquets or brickbats from fans? You tell me.]

How do you say Casino Royale in French? As Quentin Tarantino might tell you, it’s ”Casino Royale with Cheese.” That’s what’s served up here on YouTube in this French-language teaser for the upcoming 007 movie. It’s disappointingly standard-looking — stunts, fireballs, chicks in bathing suits emerging slowly from the surf. Ah, but there’s that dubbed French dialogue between Bond (Daniel Craig, pictured) and M (Judi Dench) that adds a patina of mystery… since my French is so rusty. Their momentary exchange went something like this:

BOND: I am world-weary with world-weariness.
M: This situation with SPECTRE stinks like a ripe, soft Camembert. We should probably just surrender now… wait a minute, you’re not Pierce Brosnan.
BOND: Yeah, I’m the new guy. Get over it already.
M: Well, you’d better pull off this mission or Sony will fire us all.
BOND: Ah, the meaninglessness of it all. Now I will go outside and smoke many cigarettes.

And… scene!

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