What year is this again? New releases hitting stores include albums by such 1990s stalwarts as Pearl Jam (featuring Eddie Vedder, pictured), Jewel, World Party, Charlatans, Ministry, k.d. lang, Erasure, and Master P, plus a Neil Young protest album inspired by a president named George Bush. Of course, back then, if you wanted to hear these artists’ new albums in full, you needed to go to what was called a record store and buy what was called a CD, while today (and for the rest of this week), you can stream them for free on AOL Music.

So put on your flannel, pop in your ear buds, and party like it’s 1993 — which I swear is what it sounds like when you play the new Pearl Jam. Oh, and let me know, Pop Candy, when that Lemonheads reunion yields some new tunes.

addCredit(“Eddie Veder: Larry Busacca /Retna”)