Move over, The Game. 50 Cent will now duel with The Oprah.

The rapper accuses the Almighty Ms. Winfrey (pictured) of discriminating against hip-hop artists when it comes to booking guests. He also contends she caters primarily to middle-class, middle-aged white women — a charge her marketing department would probably have a tough time refuting. Yes, it would certainly seem Oprah prefers guests who’ve faked a prison term over those who’ve actually done one.

But Fitty, why, exactly, are you trying to break the Oprah barrier? Frankly, I’d love to see Ice Cube on Oprah, in full-on buppie mode, talking about his kids, his hobbies — Oprah-type stuff. But I’m not entirely sure rappers, even aging rappers, are ready to show their domestic underbellies to an Oprah audience. That’s not to say Oprah shouldn’t try booking them. Rappers expounding on thug life probably wouldn’t be an intuitive fit with Oprah’s audience — but rappers discussing home decor, dispensing marital advice, and getting rheumy about their wives… that might work.

So what say, Fitty? Can you meet Oprah in the middle? Buppie it up for her, and I’ll bet she’ll totally doff her top for your next video.

addCredit(“Oprah Winfrey: John B. Zissel/Ipol/Globe Photos”)