Credit: Katharine McPhee: Fox

So Tuesday night’s American Idol performance show will feature the five remaining finalists singing one number from the year they were born, as well as a top-10 single from any one of this week’s Billboard charts. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the fairly broad categories will result in each contestant choosing at least one up-tempo number, but just in case the kids are stuck in ballad hell, I’ve posted a request list to get ’em started. PopWatchers, post your own: We can all check back Wednesday and gloat if anybody took our advice.

Katharine McPhee (pictured): Goldfrapp’s ”Ooh La La.” Plucking this lesser-known tune off Billboard’s dance airplay chart would give the female frontrunner a chance to showcase her smoky-sexy delivery, and (for a change) shake what her mama gave her.

Chris Daughtry: Arctic Monkeys’ ”I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.” Even an unrepentant Chris fan like myself realizes the bald-headed rocker takes himself waaaay too seriously up on the Idol stage. How about something fun and frothy already?

Paris Bennett: KT Tunstall’s ”Black Horse & the Cherry Tree.” Sure, this foot-stomping pop track seems like an out-of-left-field pick for this season’s budding Gladys Knight, but the biggest long shot in the field isn’t going to win any new fans if she doesn’t take some chances.

Taylor Hicks: Rob Thomas’ ”Lonely No More.” Lucky for the gray-haired dude, this tune’s still hanging around after 63 weeks (!) on the adult contemporary chart. And with good reason, it’s insanely hook-y, not to mention Taylor-made for a blue-eyed soulster.

Elliott Yamin: Mary J. Blige’s ”Be Without You.” Yes, yes, I’m (once again) advocating for Elliott to get in touch with his inner MJB, even if ”Be Without You” is thisclose to being a ballad. But Elliott’s got the phrasing, the range, and the soul, so why the heck shouldn’t he?

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