In recent days, the blogosphere has been under attack from a series of pernicious hoaxes. The Michael Jackson-50 Cent collaboration? Untrue. Adult Swim’s resuscitation of Saved by the Bell? Balderdash.

But the Mick Jagger comedy pilot, thankfully, is the real deal. Ed and Letterman veterans Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman are the creators, and the idea involves a janitor who plans to rob someone famous. Their original pitch was titled Let’s Rob Jeff Goldblum, but Goldblum was not available to be robbed. Jagger (pictured) was.

I am assuming some calls were placed to Jennifer Gray, formerly of It’s Like, You Know, on the hazards of playing oneself as a recurring character on a sitcom.

No word yet on the status of Keith Richards’ Let’s Get Drunk with Keith Richards or the Sopranos spinoff Let’s Hit Lauren Bacall in the Face.