Jerry Lee Lewis hasn’t released an album in 11 years. Would you like the cheap joke or the elegant wit? As always, let’s go with the cheap stuff: Eleven years? That’s almost long enough for Jerry to light up the family phone-tree and order himself a new bride!

Is it sad that the Myra Gale Brown incident, a certain Dennis Quaid biopic, and a ditty about large, flaming orbs are all I really know or care to know about The Killer, that pioneering rockabilly wildman? Yes, and that’s a shame.

But it’s never too late to atone, if the title of Lewis’s new album is any indication. It’s called Redemption, and while that doesn’t roll off the tongue like Underage Incest, the title nicely describes the arc of a career that began in Bible college and swerved quickly into scandal. Lewis will be 71 when the album debuts in September. But I’m guessing those famous balls are still aflame. What else could have drawn B.B. King, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, and Eric Clapton into collaborating?

Ah, how things change. When someone slept with a 13-year-old back in the day, at the worst, their records got banned and DJ’s wouldn’t play them. <a href=”
“>Nowadays? Well, goodness gracious, people get so worked up.

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