Continuing today’s theme of unsubstantiated rumor (in many ways, every day’s theme), we present four recently announced deals; one of them is a fake. The rest are all too true.

A. The Jolie-Pitts may costar in an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, a vast objectivist Armageddon fantasy long thought to be unadaptable. But that was before there was so much Pretty.

B. You know they’re running out of old TV shows to pitch when an Airwolf movie gets off the ground. Reportedly, Jan-Michael Vincent (in a cameo) will pass “The Lady” on to SeannWilliam Scott.

C. Because you clamored for it, America, Hulk 2 is on the drawing board. He told you you wouldn’t like him when he was angry. And you didn’t. I hope the new tagline is, “You really won’t like me when I’m persistent.”

D. Mike Myers (pictured), already signed to play Keith Moon in a biopic, will also take on a comedy: How to Survive a Robot Uprising. In it, he will play an alarmist technician sounding warnings of robot takeover. (Good to see someone finally addressing this issue.)

Make your choice, readers. And no Googling! Remember: I can see you. Through the Internet. With my terrible cyber-eyes.

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The answers:

Brangelina do Rand? Yup.

Mike Myers in a comedy with robots? Oh, yeah.

A sequel to Hulk not-smash? Affirmative.

An Airwolf movie? Sadly, no. Not yet. But until then, tide yourself over here.