Credit: Sheena Easton: Richard E. Aaron/Retna

It’s Sheena Easton’s birthday. And what better way to celebrate than by heading over to YouTube to peruse some of her tragic dated vintage video clips? Sure, if you’ve got discerning taste, you’ll jump right to her genius duet with Prince (”U Got the Look”), but if you’re in the mood for Velveeta, the following playlist should be music to your taste buds:

1) ”What Comes Naturally,” in which we discover Sheena’s skilled at shaving a dude’s beard, but not so much when it comes to rapping (yes, rapping).

2) ”9 to 5 (Morning Train),” in which our gal looks decidedly unsteady riding a bike alongside a locomotive. (Bet she wishes they had green-screen back in the day!)

3) And then, there’s the blush-inducing ”Sugar Walls,” in which Sheena proves it’s difficult to pull off ”sexy face” when you’re wearing unbearably tacky earrings.

Speaking of that last track, am I the only one who needed 20 or 30 spins before realizing it was quite possibly the dirtiest hit record in the history of ever? (Come to think of it, ”Sugar Walls” pretty much marked the end of my innocence.)

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