This Book Will Save Your Life

Everything you need to know about Richard, the bland protagonist of A.M. Homes’ strenuously life-affirming novel, This Book Will Save Your Life, you can learn from his home decor: ”The brushed stainless-steel kitchen gave off a modern, reflectionless, dull shine. Everything was in order, perfectly placed, perfectly clean.” Richard’s world revolves around treadmill, computer, and ”kiln-dried hand-pressed high-fiber flakes” delivered by a nutritionist. Clearly, the man, not to mention his diet, needs help. After a sinkhole opens in his yard and a mysterious pain lands him in the ER, he stops at a cozy doughnut shop and begins savoring junk food, making friends, and reconnecting with his son. But even immersed in this warmer, fuzzier life, he remains a cipher.

This Book Will Save Your Life
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