Reason No. 127: Brangelina have so carefully stage-managed their forthcoming Namibian delivery of the Sexiest Baby Alive that the one U.S. reporter who got through is Today‘s Ann Curry, who’ll deliver her customary, hard-hitting investigative report on what a beloved and saintly humanitarian Jolie is. (The report airs Thursday morning on the NBC show; USA Today has a mini-preview here.)

Reason No. 135: Also on Today, we learned this morning that Jolie will appear on the cover of People’s annual Most Beautiful People issue, due on stands this weekend.

Reason No. 146: Being in Namibia, Pitt and Jolie don’t have to worry about being upstaged by Brooke Shields giving birth down the hall.

Reason No. 151: Just because they’re in an exotic land doesn’t mean Brad and Angie and the kids have to do without the Colonel’s Crispy Strips.

Reason No. 158: The Today/People media blitz distracts from embarrassing reports that Angelina has agreed to make a third Lara Croft movie.

addCredit(“Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Zahara: David Dyson/Camera Press/Retna”)