Who says there’s nothing funny on TV since Arrested Development went the way of the dodo? Not fans of Martha, a daily litany of barely concealed sexual innuendo, peculiar household hints, and wacky guests like Charo, who popped up this morning to smash a 30-pound chocolate bunny with a mallet, then inform America’s most meticulous hostess that she needed to start wearing outfits that ”show more maracas.”

Martha then went to the archives for footage a 1983 episode of the Merv Griffin Show (pictured), during which Charo declared Stewart’s hors d’oeuvres were destined to give her ”a lot of gas” and ”big diarrhea.” Priceless! Martha should definitely have the guitar-playing pixie back during May sweeps, although I worry she might make good on her threat to put Stewart in a dress designed by her sister Carmecita. Note to self: I don’t need to see that!